Rental Registration Form

Chapter 10 Article IV of the Iron Mountain City Ordinance is designed to promote the continuing maintenance and quality of safe rental properties and to enhance and maintain property values throughout the city.

All structures being let, rented, leased, or permitted to be occupied by non-owners (including rent-free arrangements) are required to be registered and inspected to ensure compliance with this Code before they may be occupied. Registration is one time per structure per ownership. Changes to ownership require re-registration. New owners of rental structures are responsible for the completion of the registration process within 30 days of closing or change of ownership.

Registration Fee

Registration fees are set by council annually. View current fees list (PDF). Registration of property owned and occupied prior to November 1, 2010, but which have not yet been registered, may require additional late or other fees in addition to the registration fee.

Both the registration fee AND inspection fee are due at the time of registration.

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Instructions for Rental Registration Form

  1. Download the Registration Form for each location. Use a separate form for each rental structure location if more than one.
  2. Complete the form completely, sign the form where noted, and mail in with your registration payment.
    The registration process will be complete once the signed form with payment are received.
  3. After submitting the registration you may call the Fire Deportment to schedule inspection.

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Download Registration Form