Boards & Committees

Volunteers dedicate their time and talents to Iron Mountain's Boards, Commissions, Committees, and its Community Foundation. We are very fortunate to have willing individuals to donate a part of their busy lives to serve on the City's Boards and Commissions to provide valuable information for the City Council to make important decisions.

From beautifying the community to regulating its development, board members and commissioners meet regularly to support the city council and city administration.

The City of Iron Mountain encourages you to get involved in your local government by joining a board or commission.

Names of persons willing to serve the City in the capacity of volunteer board, committee, or commission member will be obtained by both formal and informal advertising designed to reach as many citizens as possible.

Each individual will submit a letter of interest with a brief background to the City Clerk.

To apply for membership:

Submit a letter of interest with a description of your area on interest including a brief background to the City Clerk's office, 501 S. Stephenson Avenue, Iron Mountain, MI 49801. Letters of interest can be emailed to the City Clerk.

You will be notified with information of an available board or committee that may match your interests.