When will I get my refund back?
The security deposit will be refunded to you once the Finance Department has been notified by the Public Works Department that the pavilion has been left in good condition/cleaned following your rental. Payment is usually made within seven to ten days following the date of rental. If you have not received your refund after ten (10) days, please contact Cheryl or Heather at 906-774-8530.

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1. How many people does the pavilion hold?
2. What amenities are included with the pavilion?
3. Are dishes or utensils provided?
4. Can we decorate? Are there any restrictions on how we can decorate?
5. How early can we get in to the pavilion to decorate etc.? Can we get the keys early or decorate the night before?
6. Where do we pick up the keys?
7. Can I send another person to pick up the keys?
8. Where and when do we return the keys?
9. When do we have to be out and cleaned up? Can we clean the next day?
10. What do we have to clean? Do we have to mop etc.?
11. Are garbage bags provided or do we bring our own? Where do we put the garbage?
12. When will I get my refund back?