Crime Solvers

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Crime Solvers is a program that offers citizens a safe, secure and totally anonymous way to help their police in solving crimes, seizing illegal drugs, recovering stolen property and putting criminals behind bars.
How Does Crime Solvers Work?

1. The media publishes information about crimes which have been difficult to solve, or advertise persons wanted on outstanding criminal charges.

2. Persons with information about a crime, or the whereabouts of a wanted criminal, call the 24-hour Dickinson County tips line, at (906) 774-5959.

3. Hopefully, their information will help solve a crime.

How to Send a Tip

If you wish to help the Crime Solvers, help the City Police solve crimes, while remaining anonymous.

1. You may call our 24-hour, confidential tips line at (906) 774-5959. This phone line is NOT traced, or caller I.D. used. You do not give your name, just your information.

2. You may leave your tip in the space provided below. This information is electronically sent to the Police. No email user name, or personal identification is received by the police. Your tip is just as anonymous as a phone call.

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