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Subdivision Plat Map Lookup


This system provides access to digital images, with print capability, of the plats and related documents of land subdivisions in the State of Michigan's plat files. 




To use the plat search you will need to know the name of the subdivision (addition) that your lot is in.  If you do not know the subdivision name, see below.


Ø       On the plat search site, type in the exact subdivision name and choose DICKINSON County in the pull down.  Your addition should be listed.  Click to view.

Ø       Or, leave the subdivision name blank and choose DICKINSON in the pull down to get a list of subdivisions in the entire county.  Locate your subdivision and click to view.

Ø       To print Click the "Print" printer icon button on the right hand side of the tool bar  


If you do not know the addition name and do not have your legal description available, you can use the Property Lookup E-Service on this website to open a new window to search for your property (Iron Mountain only) and view the legal description.

This page links to the State of Michigan Subdivision Plats.  The plats at the following site may not be up to date.  A current book of plats is available to view at City Hall.

Proceed to the Subdivision Plat Map Lookup




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