Code of Ordinances

A local ordinance is a law usually found in a municipal code. In the United States, these laws are enforced locally in addition to state law and Federal law.

Municipal Codes govern a local community. All incorporated Cities have them and they can contain rules ranging from where business can be located to how tidy properties should be kept to what kinds of animals can be kept as pets. Citizens are always encouraged to read the codes governing the community they live in.

You can find our Code of Ordinances online.

List of Frequently used Codes

Fence regulations (Sec. 74-419. Fences, walls and screens)
Sign regulations (Chapter 74 ZONING - ARTICLE VII SIGNS)
Deck regulations (Sec. 74-423. Permitted yard encroachments #(2))
R-1 Residential building setbacks (Sec. 74-215. Site development standards)
Rental Housing Rules (Sec 8.0 Rental Housing Code)
Garbage Disposal Rules (Sec. 50-26 Solid Waste)
Sidewalks and Maintenance of (Sec. 58-26-36 Sidewalks)
Home Occupations and Garage Sales (Sec. 74-4. Definitions) look under "home occupations"
Pets (Sec. 6.0 Animals) Disposal of pet excrement (Sec. 66-53 (a) Use of public sewers required) 3 pets per household (Sec. 74-213.(3) Permitted accessory uses) Urban Fowl/Poultry, *chickens currently prohibited* Pigeons and pigeon coops allowed (Sec. 6-3 Animals, permissive custody)