Starting a Business

To practice business in the City of Iron Mountain, there are some steps you must go through to complete the process.

Before you Begin

First you need to research your business with the State of Michigan to find out what licenses or permits you need for that type of business. Example: a food vendor (hot dog cart etc.) would require a license through the State before you could get a vendor permit from the City. State License Search

Second, research with the City Zoning Director to see if your planned location is zoned for your type of business and if any special use permits or vendor permits are required.

Starting the Business

The first part of the process is to contact the City Zoning Director to see if your chosen location has the proper zoning and allowances for your particular type of business according to the City's Code of Ordinances. Email Planning

The City does not issue business licenses, however, new businesses must file a Personal Property Statement with the Assessor's office. Email Assessor

Steps to perform through the State and IRS

  1. Determine your business' legal structure
  2. Obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number
  3. Obtain any Special Licenses from State or County level
  4. Register your Business name. If you are not going to incorporate you would register for your DBA "doing business as" name at the Dickinson County Clerks office.

The top three guidelines are generally handled at the Federal and State levels. Visit the IRS website for Federal guidelines and forms and state of MIchigan website for State guidelines and forms.

Getting Started Links

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