Downtown Development Authority

The City of Iron Mountain Downtown Development Authority (DDA) promotes economic development through business attraction/retention programs and works to foster investment within the DDA district. It strives to increase the City's tax base and strengthen the local economy while maintaining those qualities which make Iron Mountain a desirable place to live and work.

The DDA will also identify other initiatives aimed at the improvement of the area. Specific duties of the Board include:

  • Developing and adopting an annual budget. After approval by the DDA Board, this budget is forwarded to the City Council and is effective upon approval by the Council.
  • Retaining professional consultants for planning, engineering, market analysis and legal functions and, if desired, hiring staff.
  • Planning for the economic and physical development of the DDA District.

Today there are nearly three hundred (300) active Downtown Development Authorities throughout Michigan. DDA's are enabled by Public Act 57 of 2018, as amended and operate as special purpose authorities appointed by local governing bodies to carry out specific tasks. These include the planning and improvement of downtown areas through the construction of a broad range of eligible public facilities (e.g. streetscape, utilities, parks, landscaping, pathways etc.) and assistance to developers in the improvement of real estate within the DDA's Development Area. The DDA is governed by a Board of Directors. The DDA is a public body and must conduct itself in accordance with all of the Michigan Statutes governing the operation of public agencies.

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