Tree Program

Tree Planting Program

Each year the City offers a discounted tree sale for trees to be planted in the boulevard or City right of way.  The sale includes the tree and planting.  Each year a selection of different varieties is offered.  Residents submit an order form with their preferred variety(s).  A tree professional from the tree board will visit the location to verify if the selection and location is suitable for planting.  Once the location is approved the resident will be notified of planting dates.

The deadline to order trees for the spring planting season is December for plantings occurring the next spring. (Example: Trees ordered by December 2018 will be planted in spring of 2019)  The actual deadline date will be published on the flyer for each year. 

Interested citizens can sign up to the Tree program email list to receive next year's order flyer as soon as it is available. The list is for notification only, you will not be committed to purchase a tree by signing up to the list.

Link to email list.        View Tree Form