Child Finder Program

orange child finder

The Child Finder is a removable and re-useable fire rescue window decal. On one side this bright orange decal helps fire fighters locate your child's sleeping quarters. On the other side, the decal offers both written and pictorial information on how to exit the room in case of fire.

Simply attach the Child Finder to your child's window with the provided suction cup. Locate your child's bed as if you were entering the room (from outside) through the window you are placing the decal on. Stand at the window and look back into the room. If the bed is under the window, the decal should be located at the bottom/center of the window. If the bed is on the right hand wall, place the decal on the right side of the window in the "basic" location of the bed. Place the decal on the inside of the upper sash with the orange side facing out.

The Child Finder is available at no cost to residents of Iron Mountain, and can be picked-up at the Fire Department. For more information on the child finder visit the Home Fire Safety website.