Will my mobile phone work in a major emergency?
Alerts are delivered using the text messaging (SMS network) feature of your mobile phone. The alerts come across like a page on a pager. All cell phone carriers, and paging companies, offer text messaging. Nearly all phones purchased within the past few years are text messaging capable. If you are unsure, contact your wireless service provider to ask about your phone and text messaging.

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1. What is the WISE Alert service?
2. How does the WISE Alert service work?
3. What is text-messaging and how do I sign-up for it?
4. What types of alerts will be sent?
5. When is a message sent?
6. How long does it take to receive an alert?
7. How long are these messages?
8. Will my mobile phone work in a major emergency?
9. What is the cost of this service?
10. How can I find out if the e-mail address my service provider gave me will work?
11. How do I Unsubscribe
12. What if I have a problem Subscribing or Unsubscribing?
13. How do I read text messages on my phone?